LG G3 UI will have flat design, leaked screenshot suggests

LGA new leaked screenshot has surfaced on internet today which shows off a flat screen UI from LG. Although the screenshot is not from LG G3, the source suggests that this UI will be used on LG G3. Flat design has been the trend in the tech world for quite some time now and all the major manufacturers are going for it, HTC and Samsung are two major examples for this.

I really hope the screenshot is from a test build and LG won’t release LG G3 with the UI exactly the same way it has shown in this image. The design will be better if they are still working on it, and as a personal opinion this UI is just a mess. Also if LG goes with the flat design for the UI they better have icons for all the popular apps from the Google Play, otherwise it will simply ruin the look considering the third party apps will throw off the look of your app drawer.


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