LG G4 is on the way

The-LG-G4LG is a well known company popular in the technology and gadgets fields. In the last few years the Korean company, flourished in the field of mobiles as well, by giving the world smartphones (like the G series) that came with unique and exciting features. Now, once more LG is about to add one more smartphone to that collection, the new LG G4.

The newest addition to the G series is a high quality smartphone with top performance and advanced features. This time LG seems to be paying more attention to the design than before, as the LG G4 comes with a handmade leather structure in the back! It disposes a 5,5 inch IPS Quantum Screen with a slight curvature that produces high contrast images and makes them look as close to real as it gets. The operating system – as expected – will be the Android Lollipop 5.1 and the device will run with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. Many people asked why not Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. We think that LG chose the first processor due to the rumors according to whom the 810 models are having some trouble with overheating which leads to poor performance.

Now to the more innovative features of the new LG G4 we count the 16MP back camera with the F1.8 lens that gives 80% more light to the sensor and records colors with precision. In addition, the “Manual Mode” function is ideal to the ones who want to add a more professional touch to their photos. As for the front camera, we’re talking about 8MP! Imagine what that will do the selfies “fever”.

As always LG is going for a high performance, detachable battery that lasts longer than the LG G3 while the device supports HD Voice technology to make your calls sound crystal clear even when it is noisy.

To check out the full specifications of the smartphone, go here.

Everything looks nice so far, we’ve got a high-end smartphone on the way and LG has not let us down before in the whole smartphones area, especially when it comes to the G series. Price remains unknown but as people say “You always get what you paid for”!

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