LG Nexus 5 From Google To Come With Snapdragon 600 And With A Price Tag Of $299

LG Nexus 5

According to the latest rumours, LG will make the next Google Nexus, that is Nexus 5. The umours and speculations about the next Nexus manufacturer have been around for quite some time. The latest rumour has some credibility onto it and reveals some spcs and the price of the next gen Nexus.

The latest rumours say Google Nexus 5 from LG will be designed similarly like LG G2 and will feature a Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2 GB RAM and a 10 mega pixel camera. The specs are a little bit on the lower side I know, but the rumours claim that this is for reducing the phone’s price too keep in par with the Nexus 4. Nexus 5 will be available in 2 versions, one 8 GB version and a 16 GB version. According to the reports the 8 GB Nexus 5 will cost you $299 and the 16 GB version $349.

According to a previous rumour which we posted, Google is planning a Motorola Nexus, so we don’t really know which one to believe. but according to a rumour which was surfaced last year, Google was planning to consider multiple OEM version for the Nexus series. So will we be seeing both the Nexus phones this year? Well I don’t know, guess we will have to just wait and see.


Source: Unwired View

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