LG Optimus G Pro to get LG G2 features in the next update

A-new-QuickWindows-cover-is-rumored-to-be-coming-to-the-LG-Optimus-G-ProLatest rumor suggest that many of the LG G2 features will be received by LG Optimus G Pro soon.  The report is coming from Italy and suggests that LG is planning to roll out an update for LG Optimus G Pro which will include LG G2 features such as QuickWindows compatibility and KnockOn.

QuickWindows is a case which will offer the similar functionality offered with LG G2. It seems like once the case is in place, a dedicated interface will be shown through the case opening which will let you use the device without opening the case. The KnockOn feature will let you double tap the display to unlock the screen. The report says the update is expected to come in Korea for now. There are no information about the feature update for US or any other markets for now.

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