LG reveals curved batteries for phones watches and glasses are already in production

Cable BatteryYesterday LG had revealed their plans to launch the largest smartphone with flexible display. Today in another announcement from LG they revealed about their plans to launch curved batteries for the upcoming phones, watches and glasses. The curved batteries are already in mass production according to the announcement. The technology uses their “Stack and Folding technology” patent for the curved batteries and will fit phones, watches and glasses. The revealed details says the stepped battery will be able to fill in the empty space LG G2 currently has and provide 16% more battery capacity. The announcement also had information about the Cable Batteries which they say will be ready in the coming years. These cable batteries will be a perfect fit for wearable computing devices and you will be able to even tie a knot using these. Another feature is, they will not heat up during the use.

Will we see the curved battery in LG’s upcoming smartphone with 6″ of flexible display? Well we don’t have any information about it, but considering that the curved batteries are already in mass production it will not be a surprise if see it on these smartphones.


Source: Engadget

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