LG reveals the details about their 6 inch flexible display

LG Flexible DisplayBoth LG and Samsung has been trying to win the race to launch the first ever smartphone with flexible display. So far it looks like Samsung is winning since they are planning to launch their smartphone with flexible display by the end of this week. But that doesn’t stop LG to enjoy the anticipation of their customers.

According to what we have seen so what LG’s smartphone with flexible display will have a 6inch flexible display which is made with plastic looking material. The display is said to be much less prone to breaking and you will be able to bend it backwards. It will have a curvature radius of 700mm with a concave design. The flexible display makes it a lot easier for the manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the phones by a large extend considering currently its the display which takes up the most of the space.

Here are the full list of revealed details of the flexible display:

  • 6″ screen
  • 0.44mm thin
  • weighs 7.2 grams

There aren’t much info to talk about right now. But soon we will be able to post more about this as both Samsung and LG start to reveal more and more details. Click here if you would like to know more about Samsung’s smartphone with flexible display.


Source: Phone Arena

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