Life-like video calls are on the way!

When one looks at their own life, they will be baffled by the sheer proportion of socialization which is carried out via technology. When I look at my own life, between 70% and 80% of contact I have with other people is digital. Whether it be contacting employers in the US, Asia or elsewhere in Europe, or keeping in touch with friends that have immigrated or even talking to my partner more than 1,000 km away, technology can incessantly defeat the challenges distance can pose.

However, technology is not perfect yet. I lack belief in anyone’s ignorance of buffering, pixilation or Dalek-voice. These are just irritations we have to deal with in today’s society until some tech geek comes up with a great solution.

The solution is nigh. Vodafone has recently announced that they have successfully completed a voice call over LTE. LTE, or Long Term Evolution is “a standard of high speed communication” according to Wikipedia. This just means LTE is used to transfer a lot of data, quickly and cheaply from device to device.


Unfortunately when you make a call on your 4G LTE phone it will switch to a 2G or 3G network, as LTE can only handle data. This all but halts any downloads that are taking place on your phone while you chat.

Therefore the significance of being able to route voice calls over an LTE network means improved service (when calling) and a continuous 4G service, if it is available. If you are a video call junkie you will notice a less pixelated image of who you are communicating, without the annoyance of buffering. Your battery life may increase too, as voice calls over LTE are far less energy intensive than traditional methods.

For many, this development will change their lives. It will make people feel closer and more intimately connected than ever before.

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