Luma- the next best thing in Wi-Fi network

Setting up Wi-fi is very easy, you just have to search for a good spot in your house, and then you would lease a group of specialists to scan it and find dead spots and a group of IT people for security purposes. Then when you would try to connect to the internet you will find that you cannot open Gamespot from your dining table.

With intentions of solving this problem, Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse constructed Luma. This little Wi-Fi hotspot connects by using some kind of surround sound technique which ensures that there are no dead spots in your home. One of these units costs $99, but three unit costs $249. It is now accessible for pre-order.

This system also gives customers restricted controls so that you can shut down any devices at any time. It connects through a mesh network with other Lumas, which creates a giant hotspot that surrounds the house.

Judge said that the solution to Wi-Fi coverage is mesh networking just like big companies uses. This device also provides the customers with cyber security and parental controls. Luma is first of its kind to provide a full package of safety, speed and security.

This little device contains the creator’s visions. They compressed everything from mesh networking, content filtering, cyber security and mobile device management into this small beautiful box. Each and every box communicates with each other through an app via Bluetooth which helps you to find the best spot to connect in your house. Then all the Lumas devices wirelessly connect with each other to build a mesh network that surrounds your house. The device communicates through data about traffic patterns, network interference and they reconfigure themselves to optimize their performance all the time.

Among others, Luma has led by the co-founder of Meraki, and Jed York, CEO of the 49ers, Felicis Ventures, Base Ventures, BIP Capital, Relay Ventures, Hans Robertson and it helped Luma to raise around $3.5 million.

This device will come to the market in 2016 and if you pre-order it is 50% off. Some of us think that this is the next big thing for those people who has a big house and loads of Wi-Fi problems.

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