How to make the Firefox browser lags go away

It’s no secret that every now and then our favorite browser Firefox hangs or lags when we do our important stuffs. Recently the lags and hangs have been quite frequent for me. That made search what can I do to fix this. I was stunned when I found that the Firefox itself comes with a way to fix it. You just have to click a few buttons. Here are the steps to do that.

First of all this might reset all the plugin related data and functionalities of your browser. But it doesn’t not reset or remove the data you have saved in your browser such as your passwords, history, cookies etc. So don’t worry when you see the fix is actually resetting your firefox.

To reset Firefox you have to go to your menu and open “Help” submenu and then click on the “Troubleshooting information”.
Reset Firefox Step 1Now once you click that you will be presented with a new tab in which you will see a lot of information regarding your Firefox installation. You will see a button for “Reseting Firefox” too. You have to click that.

Reset Firefox Step 2After clicking you will see a confirmation box which shows the details of what will not be removed from your browser. Now if you click on the Reset Firefox button, the browser will be restarted and you will have a reseted Firefox.

Reset Firefox Step 3Now if you still have the delay/lags you might have to check your computer for any problems as this fixed my issues. Let us know how it went for you by commenting below.

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