Make your gaming personal with Custom PS3 / PS4 Controllers

Sony Computer Entertainment is the leading entertainment of excellence and quality for quite some time now. When you think of Sony, you think not only high-standard gadgets but also incredibility in their works. Gamers have always been itching to put their hands on the new PS4 Custom Controllers made by Sony.

If you have been waiting for greatness, well folks, it has finally arrived. The long wait is over. This amazing PS4 Controller contains 8 processing cores (just imagine the possibilities!) and a gigantic 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. It goes to say that this PlayStation 4 will give you the best gaming experience ever with its high definition graphics.

Gamers around the world are highly skilled and they’re always looking for something new and different that they can try on. Their gaming styles rely solely on the tier gear. Mostly of the gamers actually customized their tier gears for a better and fast-gaming performance. However, PlayStation 3 (PS3) is also a previous-generation of PS4 by Sony. PS 3 is still part of the PlayStation Series. These PlayStation competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii as part of the seventh generation gaming consoles.

These consoles come with handheld controllers for each player, and many gamers take the time to customize their controllers. There are two popular modifications people employ for customizing a video game controller.

  • The first involves changing the look of the controller by painting it, replacing buttons or faceplates, or covering it with vinyl stickers; the other involves customizing how the controller functions.
  • Rapid fire is the most common way to change the way a controller works.


If you want some uniqueness in your own controller, the first stop is purchasing your very own vinyl sticker or silicone jacket or more known as, the skin. They has this covers that have hard plastic exterior of the controller. Skins also come in patterned and multicolor designs such as camo, metallic, and much more. No tools or additional chip needed for skins. Skins are also a great option for those who do not want to void the controller manufacturer’s warranty.

Custom Colors

Some gamers always get to change their video game console by putting a little extra of personality to their controllers. They wanted to stand out from other gamers as well. Changing a video game controller’s appearance is one way to modify it. They can achieve a customized look by using paint or paint pens. Users should note that this method usually involves disassembling the controller. Other gamers opt to buy vinyl stickers that cover the surface of the controller for an easy way to modify it.


No matter which option a person chooses to modify the look of his or her video game controller, preserve its appearance with a clear top coat; choose from matte or glossy. Gamers with an artistic touch might enjoy painting their own controllers. Acrylic paints work best on nearly every video game controller. Use paint brushes of various sizes for different strokes and thicknesses. Painter’s tape will help with straight lines, allowing users to create the perfect stripes and angled designs. Gamers looking for a single colored controller can get the job done with a can of spray paint. Paint pens are another option people use to customize their video game controllers

Buttons and Triggers

Make an ordinary controller stand out from the rest; gamers can choose from their favorite colors to make a video game controller unlike anyone else’s. From chrome to glow in the dark, there are sellers on different websites who specialize in PS3 buttons and triggers. To install customized buttons and triggers on a video game controller, gamers need to dismantle the controller itself. PS3 controllers require a Phillips head screwdriver. But the scary thing here is and everyone should knew about is the fact that after disassembling the controller, you will be void with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Rapid Fire Modifications

Some gamers, particularly those playing first person shooters, become frustrated when a weapon does not fire quickly enough. Another way to customize a video game controller is by installing a rapid fire chip to replace the standard single-shot. This modification involves taking apart the controller and soldering a chip on an internal circuit board. As long as the person performing the modification can handle a screwdriver and a soldering iron, installing a rapid-fire chip to a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller should be a simple process. There are a few distributors with rapid fire Wii remotes, but they are less popular than the other consoles. Gamers interested in participating in tournaments may not be able to use a modified controller since it is typically seen as an unfair advantage. Moreover, gamers who take apart their controllers typically forfeit the manufacturer’s warranty.

But how good is the PlayStation 4? What is the difference between PlayStation 4 and the previous series?

The best thing about PS4 is that, it remains quite and not protruding just like other tier gears and gaming consoles that we have. The controller remains easy to use and comfortable to the hands of the owner. Although the activity feed upon start-up is still a bit unorganized. It also makes the whole console feel like it puts actions into another dimension.

Sony has definitely done a good job keeping the PlayStation Series at its peak especially the new PS 4. It is engineered well with indie developer relations, having it at Mercenary Kings one week and a Fez or Sports friend in another. Sony also maintains enough relations with major third-parties to get most major non-Microsoft/ Nintendo games onto its system. Well, we can’t really say that all of PS 4 games are good. There are bad ones also showing up. You can play good and pretty versions of Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, and three different Lego games already.

All in all, having PS 3 or PS 4 will give you an all-out experience. It is a home-gaming console that can entertain you and your family. You can either challenged up a friend and get him or her to race you through your newly-bought Formula One Racing Competition. People can change how the controller looks by painting it or purchasing custom skins and faceplates. Remember to make sure the controller is compatible with the mod chip before purchasing it before buying a custom skin, faceplate, or buttons, check the model number to ensure it will fit the controller. Modifying a controller for rapid fire involves taking apart the controller and installing a special chip.

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