Marissa Mayer planning to push Apple to make Yahoo! the default iOS search engine


Re/code reports that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is planning an attempt to persuade Apple to switch their default iOS search engine from Google to Yahoo!. According to the Re/code’s sources, Mayer has built what she hopes will be a convincing argument. 

Yahoo! currently already powers the weather and stock apps and Notification Center widgets in iOS 7 as well as contributing to a few Siri functions here and there. However, Yahoo! lost out to Bing when it came to powering Siri’s web search. You can find both Bing and Yahoo! as optional search engines in Safari, but the current default is Google.

It would seem that Mayer is in a pretty good position to at least make her case to Apple, with Re/code reporting that she has already spoken to a few Apple executives, including Jony Ive.

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