Master Key of PS3 leaked online

Master Key of PS3 leaked online:

Today marks the day that a crucial piece of security information related to the Sony PlayStation 3 has been leaked online which will make it easier for users to play pirated or homebrew games on the machine.

Sony Play Station 3

The process of unlocking game consoles is a common way for those that know how to open up the system and use it in a way different than intended but in the past, such efforts have been quickly thwarted by Sony.

Experts state that the leak is effectively equal to stealing a master key and the leak will enable people to get access to the inner areas of the games consoles system and use the computing power for reasons other than to game. For example, the USAF (United States Air Force) has networked around 1,700 PS3s together to create a super computer.

Whilst such uses are an example of the good side of unlocking consoles, it is generally seen that the unlocking of consoles or ‘jail breaking’ is a way for users to play pirated games on their consoles which gave been downloaded from the internet.

Taking credit for the hack was a group who call themselves ‘The Three Musketeers’ and they say that they decided to release the information after it was leaked and found its way into the hands of Chinese hackers who were planning to charge a fee for the code.

In a statement which was published on The Hacker News , the group said “You can be sure that if it wouldn’t have been for this leak, this key would never have seen the light of day, only the fear of our work being used to make money out of it has forced said us to release this now.”

It is said the options for Sony to battle the leak are quite limited as each PS3 needs to be able to decrypt and download package so that the console can be updated.

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