Meet Edge, the new Browser

microsoft-edge-slide-buildMicrosoft revealed the descendant of Internet Explorer in the presentation of the long expected Windows 10.

The new browser named Edge (previously known as Project Spartan) embodies many new features that make surfing on the internet more easy and effective. The logo reminds us the one of Internet Explorer with a few artistic modifications.

Once you open the browser, the window looks kind of thrifty but for once more, Microsoft seems to be aiming at a more elegant and ergonomic design. The home page is customisable with all the links and sites that the user visit the most often, and with the apps available for download. All that in the form of little icons.

According to CNET, Edge will be ready to support all the plugins made for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox after Microsoft runs a few modifications here and there.

Users that want to try out Edge must have acquired the latest version of the Windows operating system (Windows 10 Technical Preview) which is still “under construction”.

One of the great pluses the new browser has to offer is the inside help of Cortana – the new virtual assistant that comes along with Windows 10 – as well as the option to store articled in the browser in order to read them later. Add that to the ability to write directly on top of web page (which makes sharing information a walk at the park) ad you might just become one of the many of us who want to be the first to try out Edge.

So far everything looks perfect. However Microsoft is well known for a big fat list of things, but making a fast, effective and easy to use browser is not on that list (or at least it wasn’t until now). Some would say that this browser might actually make a difference. Others believe that we are simply expecting to get Internet Explorer 2.

In my humble opinion, both sides are right. On the one hand it sounds pretty good on paper, but on the other hand it’s not like we have received any proof yet and the last example (Internet Explorer) is far away from what is expected right now. However this keeps some of the mystery alive, until we all find out what it’s really about. Besides it’s not like we’re out of browsers all of sudden!

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