Megaupload Coming Back – The launch is Scheduled for January 19 2013

Almost everyone on internet who supported freedom of speech were very sad to see the downfall and takedown Kim Dotcomof Megaupload – one of the most used filesharing platform on its days. Police raided megaupload servers on last January 19th and it was kept down since. All the data(legal/illegal) was gone and even now the customer can’t access them. But the Megaupload founder KIM DOT COM didn’t stay quiet. He kept on fighting and now another version of  Mega launch is due on January 19th, exactly 1 year after the police raid. The Megaupload service was having around 50 million visitors per day at its peak.

KIM promises this time the service will be raid proof and better than ever. The new ready to launch Mega is not just about file sharing, it’s a lot more than that, KIM Promises. Yesterday KIM announced this via his twitter profile:

ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Mega will launch exactly 1 year after the raid with a #MansionPressConference & #DoomsdayLaunchButton.

The new service is more secure for the users of the service. All the data will be encrypted by using AES algorithm and the decryption key will be given to the users. That way no one without the key will be able to go through the contents of the uploaded files. So the security becomes the responsibility of the content uploader.

Nothing of this in no way means that the old users will be able to access their files from the old Megaupload Service. The legal battle is still going on and the judge has to decide on this before they get access to the files. The new mega supposedly will be starting from scratch.

KIM hasn’t given any hints on the domain name on which the new service will be online. Although according to torrentfreak KIM has made a few registrations in the past month.

So how freaked out are you about this “Megaupload Coming Back”? Or do you think this is just another cat and mouse game, whatever you think, let us know through the comment system below!

Update: Mega is already back: Read our report here: Mega is back

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