Meizu to be Nokia’s partner?

As it is already known and expected, Nokia will be soon coming back to the smartphones industry, once the agreement that the company signed with Microsoft (according to which Nokia is not allowed to produce smartphones until the fourth quarter of 2016) expires.

It is also known that Nokia is looking for a new world class partner that will help the Finnish company design the new line of products. This particular collaboration will give Nokia the chance to stand out among the intense competition that exists in the industry and possibly with much less resources than the company would use if it was on its own. But the big question is who will be Nokia’s partner? Who will join forces with the big Finnish company to take on the rest of the colossal rivals?

All clues point to Meizu. This Chinese company will probably be Nokia’s partner. Of course there have been no official announcements concerning the above so far, so we’re only left with rumours. Except these rumours are based to facts given by some very observant users who noticed that the Chinese company basically congratulated Nokia for its decision, on its official page on Weibo while there was also a post that looked like today’s date (Thursday 716) and the number 110 on the lower part. The post basically reads “welcome back Nokia”.

There is also a China-based smartphone OEM has also released a separate Nokia-related teaser. This teaser actually highlights a particular date, July 16th, which is tomorrow, and the caption reads ‘the long era of intelligent machines 1110′. The ‘1110’ part might be referring to the Nokia 1110, it makes all the sense in the world at this point. This is, of course, not a confirmation or anything of the sort, but the teaser seems kind of obvious.

Many are those who believe that Meizu will make a major reveal within the next few days even if the date spotted on the picture refers to July 2016. In any case, a partnership between Nokia and Meizu could bring the Finnish company back to the top, or it could make it reach the bottom of the smartphones industry. So we are looking forward to finding out what’s it going to be!