Metal Gear Solid V coming to PC

For all of you who have been wondring wether the two epiodes of Metal Gear Solid V, he Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, will come be released on PC can bbe calm. Even though we still don’t know when, the news were confirmed by Hideo Kojima of Konami. The first episode, The Phantom Pain, was released earlier this year to Playstation and Xbox and got kind of mixed reviews. The title worek as a short introduction to the longer episode Ground Zero which is set to be release in early 2015. Now it seems we can expect both these titles to be available on PC as well.

Konami has a habit of releasing their games on Playstation long before any other platforms, some of them not making it to further at all. The last MGS episode come to PC was Metal Gear Solid Revengeance which came out January last year just over a year after it had been released on Playstation.

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