Microsoft and Samsung to end the litigation between them

Microsoft-Vs-Samsung-570With a frugal announcement, Microsoft and Samsung stated that ended the litigation between them which was about royalty payments on the Android operating system.

Τhe mutual announcement of the two companies reports that “Microsoft and Samsung are pleased to announce that the legal conflict between them, on American and International courts has come to an end. The terms under which the litigation ended remain confidential.”

The two colossal companies came against each other last August, when Samsung simply stopped paying for the rights to use the Android operating system. The reason for that, as Samsung reveals, was that Microsoft bought Nokia, thus becoming a considerable competitor.

As a reaction, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Samsung asking for the second one to pay 6,9 million dollars. That amount wasn’t irrelevant as that was the usance of the delayed payments over the amount of 1 million dollars. However Samsung insisted that by buying Nokia, Microsoft violated the agreement that the two companies had signed in 2011.

According to this agreement Samsung was obligated to pay  Microsoft for rights of use in exchange for patents that would cover every phone device that runs with the Android. Samsung had also agreed to the development of mobiles operating with Windows and the reciprocation of business information with Microsoft.

Even though the terms of the agreement where never revealed to the public, there is a chance that by those terms, Samsung had to present to Microsoft – in the near future – devices with Windows.

No matter the terms we should all be happy that this conflict has come to an end. Now the two companies have one less issue to solve and more time and resources to spent on making the world better for us with the undoubtedly awesome devices and services they provide us with.

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