Microsoft Finally Allows Flash by Default in IE10

Microsoft has announced that they will permit the flash by default in IE10 from now onwards, but still block on some site which Microsoft thinks are not Windows 8 ready.

Almost 2 years from now, Microsoft announced that they will not be permitting additional plug-ins in their browser Internet Explorer 10 when the Windows 8 was just an early stage product. But a lot has changed from back then. First they tried building a special version of flash player which was built-in in the Internet Explorer 10. It worked on very few sites which were white-listed by Microsoft. But then what was kinda impractical to implement, Microsoft tried a lot to make it stay. Now it seems like they have failed and announced that instead of white-listing they would just blacklist a few sites which they think incompatible with the Windows experience for touch or depend on other plug-ins. This new policy will make the flash player a default plug-in in IE 10 for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT.

We believe having more sites “just work” in IE10 improves the experience for consumers, businesses, and developers. As a practical matter, the primary device you walk around with should give you access to all the Web content on the sites you rely on. Otherwise, the device is just a companion to a PC…

IE10 with Flash on Windows 8 enables people to see more of the Web working with high quality, especially compared with the experience in other touch-first or tablet browsers and devices.

Said Rob Mauceri, program manager of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer group.

Now will this be a good idea and finally increase the sales of Windows 8 and Windows Rt, we will have to wait and see. Anyway there are some reports(from cnet) of websites which don’t even work after this update in Windows RT. Since Windows RT doesn’t support any alternative browsers there isn’t much you can do about it!

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