Microsoft original content for XBox to debut in June

XBOX Entertainment StudioCreating original TV programs is one among the very few markets Microsoft hasn’t yet get them into, but that’s soon going to change. According to latest report Microsoft is all set to debut the first ever original TV content for XBox networks. The news comes from Bloomberg and says comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green, “aspiring World Cup players” and human-like robots will star in the first content to come out of Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios. The move could be viewed as a risky move considering they don’t have any experience in creating original TV programs. But the success of Netflix and other services is really a tempting one.

In another news Microsoft today announced that they have signed a deal with UK broadcaster Channel 4 to co-produce “a bold new drama” called ‘Humans’. This will be aired in the UK and the US in 2015 on the Xbox platform.

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