Microsoft to start rolling out Windows 8.1 from tomorrow

Microsoft will start rolling out its latest operating system Windows 8.1 from tomorrow. The new windows version will cost you $120 if you’re already a user of Windows XP, Vista or 7. But in case you have already bought Windows 8, then this update will be free of cost for you.Widnows 8.1 Apps

The new Windows 8.1 is a small upgrade from Windows 8 and we will see a lot of small changes in this version. The major highlight is the come back of “Start Button”. We had posted a rumour about the start button come back last month. Although start button is there in Windows 8.1, it lacks start menu. Since the launch of Windows 8, customers always been complaining about the lack of start button and how they loved it. It seems like Microsoft has finally heard the far-crys and decided to put it back.

The interface is still touch centric and might be turn off for the desktop users. But in this version of Windows, desktop users will be able to bypass the start screen and go directly to the desktop. Another major change is the integration of SkyDrive. In Windows 8.1 you will see a better and tighter SkyDrive integration. The new search feature also is to be pointed out. Windows 8.1 search feature will now search through all your computer as well as online contents.

Do you think it’s fair that Microsoft released an all new operating system when the changes are so few considering the Windows 8 version? Will you be updating? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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