Microsoft Windows 8.1 now available for download, boxed option will be available starting from tomorrow

Microsoft has released the latest Windows os, Windows 8.1 and made it available on Windows store to download. The update is available to download for free if you’re a Windows8 owner. If you would like to buy the boxed Windows 8.1, then you will probably have to wait until tomorrow.

The new version of Windows, brings you updates to the already existing apps like Mail, Calendar and XBox Music along with the new apps such as Health & Fitness. Another major change in Windows 8.1 is the changes the team has done for the UI. The new start screen has a lot of options to make customizations for the lay out and the entire look and feel. The update also brings the side by side multi tasking for the Windows 8 apps. The option to skip the start screen by going directly to the desktop is also available.

The people who currently have Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP will have to buy the Windows 8 upgrade, and the update it to the Windows 8.1. Microsoft has announced that the PC’s will come with Windows 8.1 starting October 18th.


Source: TNW

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