Microsoft Windows XP support ends, but UK govt bags one year extension

Microsoft Windows XP EOSMicrosoft has ended the technical support for their thirteen year old operating system Windows XP. That means if you use Windows XP, you will not get any more technical assistance or security patches. Microsoft cuts of the support in hopes the users would move over to their latest operating system Windows 8.1.

This had made a lot of users worry including governments. For example almost all of the ATM machines in India runs on Windows XP, and this move would put the ATMs and banks in a weird position and open to all the security threats. The case is same with UK government except they run Windows XP in their thousands of departmental computers. UK government has paid £5.5 million to Microsoft so that Microsoft will extend the support for one more year which will give them the time for switching over to a better operating system.

If you’re planning to switch over Microsoft want to help you. Check out this dedicated page for knowing more about the possibilities and why you shouldn’t be relying on XP anymore. Windows XP EOS

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