Is Microsoft’s Newly Out Surface Laptop Worth The Hype?

Microsoft held their EDU event couple of days ago in New York and as you would guess, they had some pretty huge announcement to make. But of all the announcements, one that stole the show was the newly out Surface Laptop.

Of course the event’s focus was on educational technology, inexpensive quality classroom PCs, and their newly out student friendly OS, the Windows 10 S operating system.

Panos Panay, the co-operate VP for Surface Computing at Microsoft did confirm that the Surface Laptop was tailored for students particularly the ones yet to join college and who would wish to own a PC that would survive all the years they’ll spend in college.

This comes at a time when Apples MacBook Air still claims this space but seeing that they are slowly becoming outdated in both design and hardware, Microsoft leveraged this opportunity by offering an option tailored to the current  students needs.

With the recently out MacBook Pro costing a lot more than the surface laptop, it’s obvious that the surface laptop might just be what college students have been waiting for. But how is it going to hook them up and win their hearts?

Thinner, Slick, Lighter and A flagship for Windows 10 S

Panay admits that it was kind of easy yet really complex designing and equipping this laptop to be a favorite for students. Keep in mind that there are dozens of other options retailing way too lower than the surface laptop which is set to cost $999.

But Panay remarks that Microsoft is well aware of the percentage of students looking to have premium products which could be relatively high if the number of MacBook Air and Pros already out here is anything to go by,

The surface laptop no doubt has a premium feel to it with a luring finish, moderate touchscreen display (13.5”), not to mention that it’s pretty lightweight (2.76 lbs/ 1.25kgs) and can work with intelligent accessories such as Microsoft’s Surface pen as well as dial accessories. Its interior is also adorned with a soft, durable fabric.

All previous laptops in the Surface lineup have all been two-on-one hybrids but the surface laptop takes quite a different route by adopting the look of a conventional clamshell laptop. But Panay insists that it’s through Microsoft’s extensive hybrid experience that they were able to come up with the Surface Laptop. That it took the experience used to design the Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio to build the surface laptop.

Flagship for Windows 10 S

It’s worth mentioning that Windows 10 S first debuted on the surface laptop and for all the right reasons. Windows 10 S operating system is a variation of its parent operating system, Windows 10 and what sets it apart is the fact that it guarantees additional system security, relatively fast boot times and better web surfing.

Well, that was achieved by restricting installation of software to only prescreened apps found within the windows store. It may sound like too much to ask from a college student but Panay was quick to note that they arrived at that by analyzing what most students focus on, their needs and wishes.

All the same, if you loathe the limitations and would wish for something else, there’s an option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro which is free for those who own the Surface Laptop. Other PC users with windows 10 S will be set back $49 if they want a similar upgrade.

As mentioned earlier, the Surface Laptop will retail at $999 in the US while in the UK it will go for £979. In Australia, it will retail at AU$1,499.

You can find out more details about the Surface Book, including pre-orders, by clicking here.