Microsoft’s smartphone sales will not get any better in near future, predicts IDC

IDC predicts that in near future the sale of smartphones, which are powered by Microsoft’s OS, will not grow as much as expected.
The day before today the group delivered their numbers, which are obvious. The group predicts that Microsoft will convey almost 31.3 million phones in 2015, which will give the software company a 2.2 percent share of the global market.
After a few years, maybe in 2019, IDC states that Microsoft will move almost 43.5 million smartphones, well fifty percent more sale means a move in the right direction, but IDC also predicts that in 2019 this huge increase in the sale will not get Microsoft nothing, just a 0.1 percent in global market share.
Here’s what we think…..
Microsoft used all their resources on the launch of Windows 10, but IDC does not think that in coming year’s there will hardly be any growth on Microsoft’s share of the smartphone Operating System market. IDC say that they expect that the average selling price of a Windows phone will be around $150 which is $70 lower than an Android phone’s selling price which is $220. This happened because Microsoft/Nokia rushed into the low-end mass market. This particular type of approach helped them in 2014 when they increased their sell up to 34.9 million units; the poor results can be traced back to the absence of OEM partner support.
We really wanted to believe that the sale of Windows Phone will grow and somehow it will control the market, but it was nothing but a fantasy. No offence Microsoft but their effort to sell a good smartphone was nothing but expensive and an epic failure.
But if we look thoroughly we will see that their effort to connect with their customers was a failure till Surface Pro 3 came along.
At this point we do not fully agree with IDC, we see why they are predicting things like that. But if we see from a positive point of view we will see that Microsoft’s fans are quite optimistic on this matter.
A smartphone platform has always been a combination of hardware and firmware that supports a third-party application and their services. And now Microsoft has reconstructed the parts which can do this stuff. Now the only thing we can do is to wait.