Microweber – The easiest way to create content and manage it online

MicroweberWhen I first heard of Microweber I didn’t think it will interest me. But after looking into the features it have, it kind of amazed me. I can says it is one of the easiest to use CMS systems I have seen so far. Here is what I think about the Microweber CMS.

Microweber is a free drag & drop content management system (CMS) which allows you to create your own website in the easiest way possible. The concept of Microweber was born out of an aim to deliver an easy to use, stripped of all complexity CMS to the user uninitiated in the tech-world. Valuing freedom as much as any passionate developer does, the Microweber developers decided it to be open source so everyone can have a take on it and modify the code as they wish. Users can host their website, online shop or blog on the Microweber server or they can choose to download the CMS and host it on a server of their own. As far as developers and designers are concerned, the CMS aims at building a new platform for them to share create and communicate with the end-user. At the moment the small Microweber team of four is working hard on designing themes aside the default one, promising great customization. Also the CMS is available in 7 different languages. Below are the features which have been built into the system and believe me, you will find it awesome too.

Real time text writing & editing

Real time text edit

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Microweber CMS is the Real time text writing & editing feature. In short, it lets the users manage desired content on the site interface, working outside the domain of Admin panels. This option is accessible via a blue “Live Edit” button in the upper right corner, as shown in the picture. Users can alternate between Admin panel and Live Edit with just a click of the mouse, utilizing site navigation to the fullest. The Real time text writing & editing feature kicks into action especially when there is a beautiful custom theme involved, as it delivers full satisfaction of managing content this way.

Drag & Drop

There is no doubt that the future of CMS is the Drag & Drop tech. Drag and drop delivers easiness and quickness, and that’s what the people are looking for. Almost everything on Internet is starting to support drag and drop feature. Microweber CMS operates on this tech which means that users can move text, embed videos, upload desired images and do whatever they want with their content by just dragging and dropping elements across the screen. This makes rearranging products in online shops, creating and moving galleries in blogs or arranging plug-ins in just about any type of site an unbelievably easy task. This is just like a wysiwyg interface for making a website.

Online shopkeepers & bloggers rejoice

Speaking of blogs and online shops, it’s good to actually give some details on what are the benefits of using the CMS for both.
As far as e-commerce is concerned, Microweber can be used as a stable e-commerce platform. Products are uploaded and rearranged by the user via the Drag & Drop, but what matters equally is the rich customization provided. Users can add pictures and videos, set different pricing & shipping costs, exclude countries from list of deliveries, alternate prices between different countries, define what tax would be applicable, choosing between different payment methods and tracking their orders.
The diversity doesn’t end here as the product customization includes a heap of custom fields including colors, sizes, dimensions and many others.

Bloggers can utilize the different Modules and Layouts this CMS provides to the best. At the moment Microweber has more than 16 different layouts that mix text and multimedia and spare the need of creating and arranging blocks of text and pictures. Drag & Drop plays a huge role too as creating content and organizing plug-ins has never been so easy for the blogger. The fact that there is no HTML-editing involved makes it much easier to use. E-commerce entrepreneurs and bloggers benefit from another fact – Microweber is 100% mobile-friendly and all websites created using it are fully compatible with mobile devices.

Product Details and PaymentOpen source = developer-friendly

Being developers themselves, the trio behind Microweber says that giving freedom to the freelance developers is pretty important. This is why the project is open source and there is a documentation section on the site for all devs to have a peek on it and modify it.

The structure of the CMS is module-based, rich on PHP and JavaScript/AJAX APIs. The API serves as a ledge for creating Modules or Templates, as there is an idea of a future Microweber Marketplace where developers and designers will be able to create and sell custom themes. Any tech-savvy users that have had to do with template-based CMS like WordPress will find Microweber to be an easy-to-understand software. There is an advantage in what Boris, Peter and Alexander created though – developers can define their own draggable or droppable areas.

Website view in panel

So what do you think? If you’re not interested to install it for yourself, then try out this Microweber Demo site to check it out. Whatever your thought’s may be, let us know them by commenting below.