MIT develops new platform to spy-proof websites


You’re all aware by now that big bad hackers are not the only ones listening in on what you’re doing and nabbing your private data. In an effort to keep those nasty government agencies *cough* NSA *cough* and hackers at bay, a group of researchers from MIT have created Mylar – A new platform for building secure websites, services and applications. According to MIT’s Technology Review, anything built using Mylar keeps your data encrypted at all time in its servers.That data’s only decrypted when it’s accessed from your computer with the right password, though Mylar can also issue encryption keys if you want to share data with other people.

The lead researcher of the project, Raluca Popa, claims that this method prevents anyone, including the NSA, from snooping on your data.

“If the government asks the company for your data, the server doesn’t have the ability to give unencrypted data.”

Right as you’re reading this, a group of patients are testing out a Mylar website to share medical info with their doctors. Popa and his team are also testing out their own chat, photo sharing and calendar applications,


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