New MIUI 6 – Is it an Android or an iPhone?

The Chinese phone brand Xiaomi has announced MIUI 6, the latest version of their Android-based OS. The new version involves major design changes to give it a flatter and more colorful look and is launched with the slogan “Less is more”. Xiaomi themselves says it is designed to be intuitive and that you should be able to use it without any instructions.

The screenshots of the new version makes you wonder is if another company didn’t already come to the same conclusion of what is really intuitive. MIUI 6 really resembles IOS 7 in so many ways! take a look at these screenshots (MIUI to the left)

MIUI 6 screenshotios-7










Though is still in beta the update should soon be available to Xiaomi’s devices, including the Mi 4 and Mi 3 and at a later point it might also be available for devices from other brands.

MIUI 6 also brings new features like updated phone and contact apps that identifies unknown numbers when they call you. The home screen now also supports gestures that can be activated anywhere.

The fact that MIUI 6 looks a lot like IOS might not be a bad thing at all, could this OS bring the best of two worlds? Give us your thoughs in the comments.

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