Moments: Advanced AI in the new Facebook App

The new Facebook app called “Moments” comes with some mind blowing artificial intelligence (AI) possibilities.

With a phone in each one’s hands, the moments of our lives will be captured by a new kind of photographer: our friends. It can be tricky sometimes to get your hands on pictures of you that you friends have taken, and everyone always insists on capturing the same moment with more than one phones just to make sure that they get their own copy.

Even if you can get some of your friend’s pictures, it’s rather hard to keep organized in one place on your phone. Those details are true and inspired by the newsroom of Facebook.

The new app, “Moments” provides the users with improved and quick options that allow you to share pictures with friends who are in them. The synchronization of the pictures with Moments is more of a personal way to give pictures of your friends to them or receive the ones that you are in but didn’t take yourself.

Furthermore, Moments organizes and categorises the pictures that can be found on a phone based on the time they were taken and through the facial recognition technology that Facebook has successfully included to its services these last months, the app can recognize the friends of the user (or contacts) that are in those pictures. The technology mentioned above, is also based on Facebook’s researches on artificial intelligence.

The synchronization can be done fast and easily with chosen friends and they can choose the same option for the user. In the relevant post of the app it is mentioned: “Now you and your friends will have all the pictures that you took together”.

Also, the synchronized photos are kept organized so you can later make a search to find the one you’re looking for (otherwise what’s the point of keeping them organised?).

As mentioned earlier, “Moments” uses a facial recognition technology. This comes in handy at the organization process as the pictures are actually categorised not only based on the time that they were taken but also based on the people that are in those pictures.

Basically, if you think about it, it’s almost the exact same with the tag suggestions option that users have on Facebook, where the specific options can be modified depending on each one’s preferences.

The company that brought to us this app is “Creative Labs” and it has already launched its product to the USA for iOS and Android.

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