More leaked info about LG G3


LG G3 details have been around in the news for quite some time now. The latest rumor about LG’s upcoming flagship device LG G3 suggests that it will come with an incredible high resolution display. The display will be according to the rumors, 5.5 inch and feature qHD(2,560×1,440 pixels). This will give it the display with highest PPI(534 PPI) when compared with any other phone we currently have in the market.

The report also says about the introduction of “advanced personalization” features. It seems like the phone will continuously adapt and learn your usage patterns and habits in order to offer you more personalized information. Does this remind you of anything? We had reported about the best Android launchers from 2014 and among that list, my personal favorite is a launcher called Aviate. So I guess this LG’s new feature is similar to that launcher. Another feature is how it will give you helpful ideas to become more productive. Also the device is rumored to be released some time in May.

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