Moto X camera fix begins roll-out on AT&T branded devices

Moto X White Rear

It has taken two weeks, but Motorola’s firmware fix for the Moto X handset has passed AT&T’s beady eyes and as of today, has begun rolling out to the handsets. Owners of the handset should see an OTA update arrive that brings the same imaging improvements that we first saw over on T-Mobile variants. These improvements include things like low-light performance and colour accuracy getting a boost in addition to tweaks for a faster touc-to-focus response time and better exposure for those outdoorsy shots. The Moto X’s cameria isn’t the only thing getting a patch though, touchless controls have also been adjusted to deliver users with better voice recognition and more immediate results. The setup for the “Ok Google Now” feature has also been simplified.

Source – Engadget

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