Moto X on sale for $99 at Best Buy

Moto X White Rear

Only a month after its official launch, the Motorola Moto X has had it’s priced halved and is now available for $99 on a two year contract if you shop at Best Buy. The Moto X is the very first flagship phone released by Motorola as a Google company.

At $99, getting your hands on a Moto X is one of the best deals in town. With a huge 4.7″ display that you can use with one hand and always-on voice recognition software, the Moto X has alot of features that makes up it’s price tag. If you’re feeling patriotic, the Moto X is made in the USA and if you’re feeling creative, you can custom design your Moto X to suit whatever your needs are.

Source – Phone Arena

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