Motorola alert can alert your close contacts in case of an emergency

Motorola AlertMotorola has introduced a new app called Motorola Alert which will help you alert your close contacts in case of an emergency. The app will alert the contacts in such a way that your friends or family will be able to know where you are and track you down in an emergency situation. The service is available for Moto G LTE and Moto E at the moment. We hope the service will soon be available for the other Motorola smartphones such as Moto X and original Moto G.

The app can be set to alert your contacts when you enter or leave a pre-determined areas. You can also set or designate areas like home, work, or school so that the people who receive the alerts can know where you’re at the moment when the emergency was occurred. The app can also ping your contacts with your current GPS location periodically.


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