Motorola Touchless Control updated, now reads out notifications

Droid Ultra Touchless Control

Motorola has updated their Touchless Control app (the brains behind Moto X’s always listening function) on Play store. The updated app will now be able to read your notifications aloud along with the addition of a couple of voice commands. With the new version of Touchless Control you can simply say What’s up or Read notifications so that the phone will read all the notifications your phone will be having at that point of time. The new command is available in U.S. English, Spanish and Italian, with several other languages wearing the beta tag in this release.

Another new feature is the improved “end of speech” detection. Nobody likes the awkward wait after giving the voice command to your phone. So with the update Motorola has improved this and says this will help with both accuracy and response time with getting your command answered. If you’re having a Droid Mini, Ultra, Maxx or Moto X, then you will be able to use the Touchless control app. You can download it from Play Store as well right here.

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