Motorola’s DVX rumoured to be a low cost follow up to the Moto X


A cheaper alternative to the Motorola Moto X handset is rumoured to be making its way to low-cost carriers. The phone is said to be called the ‘DVX’. According to a report from PhoneArena earlier this week, the handset will be available with Republic Wireless sometime in October.

Despite knowing the name, not much is know about the specs of the phone other than a reported lack of LTE support. Judging by photos posted to Weibo however, the DVX will purportedly have around four interchangeable backplates. The phone will not come with the huge amount of customization options that the Moto X offers however. If the plan is to sell this phone for less than the Moto X, corners will need to be cut somewhere!

Source – The Verge

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