Mozilla announces new Firefox OS smartphones. ZTE Open C and Open II. Tablets to come?


The ZTE Open was released in 2013 as the companies first Firefox OS phone, now we know that the device will get at least two successors in 2014. Today at CES, whilst revealing a partnership with Panasonic to put Firefox OS on some of Panasonic’s next-gen smart TVs, Mozilla also announced that it has new smartphones prepared to hit the shelves in 2014.

Reportedly, ZTE will be creating “a new Firefox OS line”, including high-end and dual-core handsets.  Two of the upcoming ZTE Firefox OS phones will be dubbed the Open C and Open II. Mozilla has not provided anymore details however, so we don’t know the when, the where or even the how.

Another announce Mozilla made was related to tablets. The company launched a contribution program aimed at helping it to “deliver Firefox OS to tablets”. Contributors will be provided with access to resources and reference hardware (tablets made by Foxconn).


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