Mozilla teams up with Spreadtrum and aims to launch $25 Firefox OS smartphones

Firefox OSMozilla is trying to launch smartphones which could be the cheapest smartphone yet. The venture is being initiated by Mozilla and Spreadtrum and the ultra cheap smartphone will be running Firefox OS. According to the newly announced partnership, Spreadtrum will start building reference designs for Firefox OS smartphones which could be priced at $25. The device will have Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, FM Radio and 3.5 inch HVGA touchscreen display. The chipset is Cortex A5-based SC6821 and will have WCDMA and EDGE but not LTE. Considering the price and features of the device this obviously is a low end device. So it may not be a success in developed nations like US and some European countries, but a lot of developing countries where people prefer feature phones this phone will have its run money for sure.

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