Mt. Gox call center to answer your Bitcoin queries


After filing for protection from bankruptcy, Mt. Gox is taking the first steps in righting it’s course.

The Japan based Bitcoin exchanged said that it has set up a call centre to “respond to all inquiries.” The notice on their website provides you with a phone number and hours of operation if you wish to give them a call and ask your questions. The call centre is set to go into operation on Monday.

The posting calls the notice an “announcement regarding an application for commencement of a procedure of civil rehabilitation,” which is simply an overly complicated way of saying that this is phase one of Mt. Gox’s recovery.

Mt. Gox made its bankruptcy filing Friday, as Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles acknowledged a massive loss of bitcoins — 100,000 of their own, and nearly 750,000 belonging to its customers. The total value of which was around $500 million.

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