A mystery Samsung device shows up in India



A mysterious Samsung mobile device has popped in India, sporting a model number of SM-W2014 and appears to have been imported for R&D reasons according to a website which tracks Indian imports. There is, unfortunately, not that much information about the device, other than the cargo has a value of 13,987 Rupees ($214 USD) for two units.

The device arrived in India on the 14th of August, along with other devices, including the SM-N9005 – which we know as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch was also included in the delivery and at the time of delivery, it too was for R&D purposes.

Looking at the import list, the most recent device is a 5 inch, single SIM Samsung handset with a model number of SM-G9105. It is noted that this device is in India for “Research and Evaluation” and is not there for retail sale. The value of the device is listed as 32,510 Rupees ($498 USD) and four of the devices made their way into India,


Source- Phone Arena

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