New 3D printed shoe by New Balance is amazing

Technology has become so advanced, but still when New Balance made the statement of their upcoming running shoes that are 3D printed, we were surprised.

The kicks will not be fully 3D printed, but the midsole portion of the shoe that is placed between the inside layer and the rubber exterior will be 3D printed. It provides comfort and support.

New Balance has joined hands with 3D Systems to produce these shoes, with 3D System’s help and by using their elastomeric powder SLS substance named DuraForm Flex TPU.

They are saying that……

By using 3D printing, we are trying to optimize the shoe structure so that we can control the amount of material we are using at the specific parts of the shoe. It means that we can achieve the new and organic geometrics are by using the bottom-up method of constructing layer by layer. And by taking these advantages, New Balance has gained flexibility and durability, lots of strength and most importantly the right weight.

In a way we can say that, by 3D printing the midsoles we have gained the advantage to craft a number of fits; and it depends on how the customer runs, the shape of their feet etc. New Balance has figured out the part of the foot that absorbs most of the impact while you are running or in the midst of any movement and provides lots of comfort to your foot.

Before New Balance there were other companies who tried to build shoes by using 3D printing. Actually the company already tried before to produce custom made shoes by using 3D printing for qualified sportspersons in 2013. This year their announcement means, that this is the first time a mainstream shoe developer has entered the world of commercially available 3D printed shoes.

They said that if you want to see this shoe you have to till April of 2016, and still then you will find these in selected locations.

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