All New HTC One to have a Google Play Edition as well as official flip covers

All New HTC One Flip Cover

According to a leak posted by @evleaks the All New HTC One aka HTC One M8 will have a Google Play Edition for the Sense UI haters. Also HTC is planning on releasing flip covers with different colors. The flip covers will show you current weather & time and probably other notifications without opening it.

There are no words officially on when HTC is planning to launch the Google Play Edition or the flip covers for now. But we think the flip covers will be launched along with the All New HTC One. The latest reports suggest a March 25 launch for the device and already almost all the major carriers from the US are getting ready to offer the device.

When it comes to the flip covers we really don’t know how it works. Considering HTC doesn’t offer AMOLED, they will have some special features to make the battery not to drain faster. There are reports which suggest that the flip cover itself is using a separate OLED display which interacts with the phone. We will be updating you once we have more information.

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