New Polish network implements vein-scanning system to withdraw money using just your fingers

Vein Scanning ATM MachineA company called ITCard which is the second largest operator of cash machines in Poland is planning to implement vein-scanning systems to let users use fingers for withdrawing money from their machines. The company has announced that they are planning to install a network with more than 1,700 devices which use this biometric authentication to validate customers’ identities.

The new network is known as Planet Cash and will consist of 1,730 machines across Poland which will be equipped with the biometric vein scanners from Hitachi. This is said to be the very first bank independent network of cash machines that use the finger vein recognition in Europe.

The devices use vein scanning for a reason, fooling the system is very difficult when compared with the simpler finger scanning systems. The vein scanners scan the vein patterns beneath the user’s skin using near-infrared. So even if some one cuts of the finger from a potential victim, the machine won’t accept it because there will be no blood coursing through the veins. A lot of banks are already using this system in many parts of the world, especially in many parts of Europe, Russia, Japan and Turkey.

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