Next Generation Spacebar equipped in smart keyboards

Spacebar and Enter are probably two of the most commonly known and used keys on any keyboard worldwide. It is more like a digital “tradition” that goes a few decades back, thus remaining unchanged in the passing of time, and even to the coming of touch screens.

It is true that touch screens and other similar technologies may have taken over some tasks that could only be completed with a keyboard otherwise, but still, those two keys (the spacebar and the enter keys) have kept their basic – if not all – functions and tasks.

So with that in mind, Synaptics Inc is ambitious enough to believe that they will bring the next generation in this particular field, through the SmartBar technology, which is designed especially for desktops and laptops. Basically, what it does is add some possibilities relevant to those that one sees on a touch screen.

According to the company, the Smartbar offers a wide range of innovative programmable functions on the spacebar which is the “natural spot” where our thumbs are put when we type on the keyboard, or even play games.

The owners of the Smartbar technology keyboards will be able to use gestures on the Spacebar for quick optimization and manipulation of the text, as well as easier zooming and a bunch of other useful stuff that they will be able to determine themselves – programmable functions, remember?

In short, some other useful features that are included are the “rapid editing” (the option to mark a word a slight thumb movement), the “effortless zooming” (some thumb movements to zoom in and out) and the “programmable logical buttons” (to execute some macros – the company stressed the importance of those buttons for the gamers).

Synaptics SmartBar Capacitive SpacebarAdding some new abilities to the Spacebar key may seem of low importance at first sight, but come to think about it, it will make tasks of our everyday lives much easier and effortless. And of course you have to start somewhere, and this is a pretty good start.

Perhaps in a few years, there will be next generation keyboards where each and every button will have numerous other features. And all that could be based on today’s SmartBar technology. So let’s see what this will bring!

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