Nintendo to Launch a Super NES Classic Edition in September 2017

Nintendo made public on Monday its plans to unveil an SNEC classic on the 29th of September. Many of us can admit Super NES remains one of the best video game systems ever developed. For the uninitiated, the original SNES first launched roughly 20 years ago and successfully sold well over 50 million units worldwide.

Original SNES classic

Original SNES classic

Late last year, the company did launch a mini version of the original NES and it enjoyed really massive success. It towered over all other holiday gifts one could ever buy. Unfortunately, it sold out really fast and despite the company promising to put in all the effort needed to keep up with the demand, the unexpected happened: Nintendo announced in April that it will discontinue the device.

However, there are still more reasons to smile because the release of the Super NES version lies just around the corner. Initially, the company laid blame on limited resources for what happened with the NES version and through their spokesman, made a solid promise to produce significantly more units of the SNES classic edition than they did with the NES classic edition.

With this release, Nintendo’s resurgence seems unstoppable and comes at a time when many investors thought the company was way beyond its prime. Every recent move including the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch have all turned things around for the company leading to increased sales figures and a renewed reputation.  Nintendo Switch has been viewed by many as a unique innovation due to its hybrid nature: a gaming system that doubles up as a portable tablet.

The SNES classic edition will ship between September 29 and December 2017. But Nintendo hasn’t confirmed yet if they intend to keep up with the production beyond 2017.

With over 63 million consumers worldwide, the release of the SNES classic edition comes as a special recognition of all the fans who continue to show massive interest in the company’s classic content.

Expect a total of twenty-one classic titles including a never-released-before bundle titled Star Fox 2. Other titles include Super Mario World,  Yoshi’s Island, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, Starfox just to name but a few.

Super NES classic controllers

The unit will also come complete with two wireless Super NES controllers. Shorter cables have been a huge concern for many but the SNES classic has a solution for that. Its cord measures about five feet long. Still, you can opt for aftermarket options if you feel the length isn’t proper for you.  You can as well hook the unit up to a modern Television through an HDMI cable.

More information on availability can be found here.