No Moto X For European Customers For Now – Says Motorola

Moto X Wooden Panel

After all the hype around the world, its a little bit sad to know that Motorola has no plans of making Moto X available for anyone outside of North America, at least for now. Motorola said, Moto X is currently planned for only North American regions. The European and Asian customers might have to wait, in the worst case its possible that Moto X will not be even available for customers from other regions at all.

We really don’t think they took this decision because they have no interest in customers from other parts of the world and in fact they have planned a low cost version of Moto X for other parts of the globe. This way Motorola will be able to keep up with the demand for Moto X in USA and Canada. Anyway nothing is confirmed yet, as Motorola is yet to make an official statement regarding this. Also some reports say that, there would be some retailers in Europe who will have Moto X in stock. But the customisation will not be an option for you guys.

I really don’t think making the customers from all around the world for Moto X is the best Motorola can do after launching a flagship device. If you missed the Moto X announcement check out the full list of specs and features here: Moto X specs and features. Anyway let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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