No Negotiation with Apple, Says Samsung

After a recent legal battle ended in HTC and Apple settling its differences with a licensing agreement, it raised hope that Samsung may do the same.  However, Samsung’€™s mobile chief, J.K Shin told the Yonhap News Agency that it is looking for a legal resolution as opposed to an out-of-court settlement with Apple.

Mr Shin said that he does not intend to negotiate with Apple under any circumstances, which just serves to illustrate how the far the companies have grown from each other and their once fruitful relationship. Apple may have scored the big victory in the USA but with various legal battles going on around the world, both sides have had varying degrees of success.

Analysts are predicting that HTC will have to pay Apple $280 million a year as part of the cross-licensing deal, but HTC President Jason MacKenzie told CNET that the settlement wouldn’t affect the financials of the business.

HTC was one of the first companies that Apple sued surrounding patents that are related to Android. At the time of the initial court proceedings, HTC was the leader in the Android smartphone world, having overtaken its rivals massively but in more recent times, HTC is struggling to climb back to their one lofty height.  Samsung is the world’€™s largest smartphone manufacturer and holds nearly a quarter of the market in the third quarter of 2012 with Apple holding a 5.5% share according to Gartner.

Shin also told Yonhap News Agency that he expects Samsung’€™s fourth-quarter smartphone sales will be as strong as they were in the third-quarter which the Galaxy S III helped drive the company to a record operating profit.

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