Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

So finally its here, Nokia announced its latest flagship camera phone Nokia Lumia 1020 with PureView 808 as Nokia says the best Camera Phone on the current market. We highly doubt that there would be any devices soon to better this one. Although Nokia Lumia 1020 is one heck of a phone, there were hardly any surprises at all. A recent surge in the amount leaks and rumours surrounding Nokia ruined almost all of the surprises they had planned. One the positive side, these rumours turned out to be true and we have an awesome camera phone in the market.

So now about the Phone:

Nokia Lumia 1020 is like the dreams of a hard core mobile photographer came true. The camera, the pureview 808 technology, the pro camera app, the dslr like controls every single feature of the device is making it an pro camera phone.Other than this pro camera app experience almost everything is identical to what you had experienced from the Nokia Lumia 925.

Now when it comes to the camera hardware, it features a 6 lens Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon Flash, Second gen optical stabilization amd manual shutter. The softwware side of the camera lets you adjust the flash, focus, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, exposure etc manually, just like a DSLR camera.

The phone is a little bigger compared to the other lumias, but that doesn’t mean it weighs a lot. Nokia has designed it so beautifully without adding much weight to the device. The poly carbonate body is very soft and doesn’t have any harsh edges from what we hear.

Now if you think the features are going to drain the battery quite faster, you’re wrong, especially if you have the camera grip accessory. The camera grip accessory is equipped with an extra battery, tripod mount and a usb port. The camera grip will be attached to the rear of the Lumia 1020 and provide as a firm grip like the name suggests.

Here are a few pictures of Nokia Lumia 1020:

Where and When Will I get Nokia Lumia 1020:

  • AT&T has announced that Nokia Lumia 1020 from July 26th for $300. US release date for the Nokia Lumia is July 26th 2013.
  • Phones 4u, Three and O2 have revealed that they will be getting Nokia Lumia 1020 soon, but didn’t mention any dates or the prices at which it will be available. However Nokia Lumia 1020 is due to hit UK in this quarter i.e. 2013 Q3 itself.

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