Nokia manages to sell over one million units of Lumia devices in Finland

Nokia HQ

Nokia managed to sell over one million Lumia devices in Finland since the launch of the very first Lumia device. The highlight is that Finland has a population of just 5.2 million people. So this mean almost 20% penetration of the product line within their homeland. Finland has been Nokia home for 150 years now.

After switching to the Windows Phone platform Nokia’s sales had dropped considerably all over the world and that includes Finland too. So this number stands like a sweet revenge against all the people who made fun of Nokia’s move. Even with the decreased sales Nokia stuck to their plan and the outcome has been incredible. One million devices in just 2 years is really an incredible achievement in a country with just 5.2 million people. Anyway this doesn’t mean all those 1 million Lumia devices are still in use. Also probably one single person has had more than one Lumia device over these 2 years too.

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