Nokia shows off special edition Lumia 520 with pre-loaded government apps in Argentina

Nokia Lumia 520

The cheap and cheerful Nokia Lumia 520 has been gathering some great praise for Nokia and Microsoft. Millions of people have bought the device we’re sure many more will continue to.

The device’s price and performance has been a big hit with the Argentinian government though, with the Argentine authorities deciding that the Lumia 520 will be the only handset to come pre-installed with government endorsed apps. Argentina’s Ministry of Modernization teamed-up with both Nokia and Microsoft to unveil a special edition Lumia 520  in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital. The pre-installed apps that you’ll find on the handset include “BA Móvil” (providing real time info on the state of local traffic) and “BA Cómo llego” (which offers info on public transport, alternate routes and more).

The hope is that the Lumia 520 with these apps will help people travel more efficiently around the city. This special edition Lumia 520 will be sold in Buenos Aires in January 2014 for around $154 (990 ARS in local currency).

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