Nokia was testing Lumia Android handsets before Microsoft deal


Before being sold to Microsoft, Nokia engineers had allegedly developed some Lumia phones running the Android operating system.

The New York Times cited unnamed people who were “familiar with the matter”, who claimed that a team with Nokia had Android-ready Lumia handsets “up and running” long before Microsoft bought out Nokia’s mobile and services business for a cool $7.2 billion.

Microsoft apparently knew of the Android handsets but they did not form a topic of discussion during negotiations. Many find this hard to believe however as Microsoft’s Window Phone OS relied on a hardware partnership with Nokia since 2011.

Nokia originally sided with Windows Phone over Android because former CEO once pointed out that there was a “very high risk” that one hardware manufacturer could dominate the Android platform. That one manufacturer is Samsung. Even Google is concerned about Samsung’s dominance.

Source – Pocket-Lint

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