Nokia website search seemingly confirms their “2520” tablet


Got an interesting one for you today, heading to Nokia’s website and typing in ‘2520’ will reveal a new FAQ section which is entitled ‘What is a tablet?’. Click the link doesn’t reveal any more information except a generic placeholder quote however.

For those of you in the know, Nokia has had a tablet-esqe device in the past, the Nokia N800. As such, typing in ‘tablet’ will bring up several different links that reference that very device. The intersting thing about this is that typing in a specific number, in this case 2520, will return a result with tablet.


There is little doubt in anyones mind that Nokia is hearing up to announce an RT tablet in Abu Dhabi this month. The device is said to be landing with AT&T and Verizon in early November with LTE support. A global launch should come soon after.


Source – WPCentral

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